Campground Master
Bed & Breakfast Reservation Software
by Cottonwood Software

Reservation Tracking Software for Bed and Breakfasts, Inns and Resorts

While Campground Master was originally designed for campgrounds, it's also an ideal program for managing reservations in bed and breakfasts, inns, and other hospitality businesses.

The software will be reconfigured with a more appropriate name in the future, but there's no need to wait -- the database fields can be customized to suit the needs of your business. "Site" (room) attributes can easily be customized to your needs, and any fields or features you don't need (such as RV type) can be hidden.

With its emphasis on ease of use and flexibility, Campground Master helps you manage your business the way you want. We encourage you to download the free demo and try our software free of charge, so you can see for yourself how simple it is to customize and operate.

A brief overview is presented below, but be sure to check the "Features" menu above for more information.

Flexible enough to configure for Hotels, Motels, Inns, Cabins, and B&B's

Many of our customers have a combination of RV/camping spaces and motel rooms, which the program accommodates easily. There's really very little difference in how a motel rents its rooms vs. an RV park. Some of the specific differences are easily handled by the program, and in some cases special functionality has already been added:

  • Housekeeping -- There is a Housekeeping Report to show which rooms have someone leaving, arriving, and back-to-back departure/arrivals.

  • Payment at Check-Out -- While most RV parks put in charges and take payment up front, there's also an option to add the charges upon check-out. It will also prompt for payment upon check-out whenever a balance is due.

  • Types of Rooms and attributes -- The "site type" lists are completely configurable, so you can define your own types such as Double/Queen/King bed, Suite, etc. You can rename attributes like "Sewer hookup" to be "Smoking" or "Non-smoking", etc.

Ideal for any size of bed & breakfast -- and any size of budget.

Download a Brochure

You can download a PDF document containing most of the information on this web site, so you can print it out and review at your convenience (about 30 pages total).

A 2-page flyer is also available if you need a quick illustrated summary.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to get right to the primary question of why Campground Master is the best choice for you, click here to find out!
"Just want you to know that we are very happy with the Campground Master Software. We checked out many software packages and kept coming back to the Campground Master. There is no other software out there that could be any easier."

  • Easy to use and learn -- most businesses can be up and running within a day.

  • Minimal computing power needed -- can be used on nearly any computer that runs Windows 95 or later.

  • Extremely flexible database supports any type of rooms, custom transaction categories, payment types, and more.

  • Only $795 (US) for a standalone system, no matter how many rooms you have. (More info).

  • No per-room setup costs -- We don't require you to pay for system setup and map design like some other companies do. Setting up the database yourself is easy (especially with our support), and you can use any map graphics you might already have.

  • Includes a very detailed printed manual, plus quick-start tutorials. (The full user manual is also available as instant program help -- just press the F1 key at any place in the program to "call for help").

  • Support included by phone or E-mail, 7 days a week! Our personal support has been highly praised by our customers.

Dynamic Report tabs present the information you need most, instantly.

  • Reports are available with a single click, and any report can be printed as-is or with various formatting options.

  • View occupancy in grid format, Arrivals list, Departures list, On-Site, Payments Due, and more with single clicks.

  • Customizable dynamic maps -- update them anytime you like with built-in tools. Click here to see sample maps.

  • Comprehensive reservation and transaction tracking, including date, time, and operator.

  • Saves all customer information for easy recall on return visits.

  • Walk-ins can be handled with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Printed receipts & forms, labels, reports, dialogs and menus can be customized within the program.

  • Many more on...

Still have questions?

Try the list of Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us directly.

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