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Renewing Support & Updates (or Purchasing an Upgrade)

When you're ready purchase another year of updates & support (or get upgraded to the current version), simply order online (click below), or you can call us to order with a credit card or send a check. If you need an invoice sent to you first, please let us know. See below for more information.

Once you place an order, a new authorization code will be E-mailed to you. You will simply need to enter this code into your database to renew your updates license for another year, then download the new version from our web site.

Upgrades and Support Subscription Renewal Pricing

Upgrades and support are normally done on a subscription basis. The cost to keep your subscription current, which includes any updates for one year, is $100 per property license. (Also see notes in pricing below.)

If you prefer to receive updates on CD rather than downloading, add $10 for the current version (if needed), plus $25 for updates on CD for the next year. See below for more pricing details.

How to Order

You can order by phone, online or by mail -- but if you're not sure what you need, please contact us before ordering so that we can be sure your needs are covered.

More details about ordering upgrades can be found here.

Complete Upgrades Price List

Updates & Support for 1 year
Includes an additional year of support and downloadable upgrades. If you prefer to have upgrades shipped on CD-ROM, then you can order the option for "Automatic CD-ROM delivery of all updates" below (in addition to this license upgrade).
Note: If it has been more than 6 months since your updates subscription has expired, or if a new version has been released since your subscription expired, you will also need to pay an additional amount to cover upgrades to the current version. The additional amount may be as much as $100 per major version missed plus any difference in cost between the current version and your previously licensed version. Contact us for details.
Note: Price is subject to change with future upgrades.
* see notes
Automatic CD-ROM delivery of all updates, for 1 year
All updates within one year of purchase (or annual upgrade) are free to download from our web site. If you prefer to have them shipped to you on CD-ROM, order this option so you don't have to download the updates. (This includes shipping and handling for the update CD-ROMs, for one year.)
Note: We typically have 2 to 3 updates available per year, and this one price includes all of them.
Additional printed manual, or an updated manual for upgrades
(plus shipping and handling: $15 US, $75 Canada, $100 elsewhere)
Comes with current version on CD
$95 each
Single CD-ROM delivery of current version
If you just want the current version on CD-ROM, you can order a one-time CD shipment. Price includes shipping and handling.
Note: If you are not "current" on your version, you will need this option to get a current CD even if you order the Automatic CD-ROM delivery of updates above (which only includes future versions in the coming year, not the current version).

Arizona businesses add 8.8% sales tax.

"Once again, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding support. I know I've said this before, but truly your response time is amazing... You really have a great product. I can't say enough about it!"
- J. Hussey,
Whit's End Campground

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