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Campground Master System Requirements

Campground Master is designed to work on any PC that runs Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit). It's small and fast, yet powerful. Campground Master is "system friendly" -- it takes very little disk space and will not disturb any other system files.

If you already own a PC with Windows (even a 20-year old PC running Windows 95) and a Windows-compatible printer, you probably have all you need. Processor speed and hard disk size are not an issue -- any new computer will have ample speed and hard drive space.

For the technical people, here are the minimum and suggested requirements:

Minimum Suggested
Windows 95 or NT 4.0 Windows 10 or 11
(Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions supported)
Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, etc. are also supported.
Windows 8 note: Must be full Windows 8, in Desktop mode

Tablets, etc. with Windows

There are a lot of mini-notebooks and tablets available now that run Windows, some of which work but some won't work. Any current Windows 10 or 11 tablets should work, but beware of Windows running in "S mode", which will prevent installing Campground Master. You can unlock "S mode", however, to allow normal applications to be installed -- do an Internet search for "unlocking S mode" to find the details. Note that if it's an older Windows 8 "RT" version, then it does not have a desktop mode and will not support Campground Master as far as we know (and would be extremely difficult to use in any case).

64-bit Windows compatibility

Campground Master is a 32-bit application, but it will run on a 64-bit computer whether it's using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

However, there are some printer and possibly other hardware manufacturers that do not have a 64-bit Windows driver available yet. The most important issue is with 3" printers -- Epson 3" printers do have a 64-bit compatible drivers, but we can't guarantee other brands will work.

Windows 7 or later compatibility (or Vista)

The current version of Campground Master (4.2 or later) is compatible with Vista and later with no known problems.

Running older versions of Campground Master in Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11

Older versions of Campground Master will run on the new operating systems, but there are a couple quirks to be aware of in versions 4.1 and earlier:

  • The Help Topic and Quick-Start functions (in the Help menu) will not work because the standard installations of Vista & Windows 7+ do not include support for the previous "WinHelp" standard for help files. Microsoft has provided a fix for this that you can download and install -- click here.

    If you have trouble with that installation or prefer not to try it, keep in mind that everything in the Help file is also available in the online manual here (which is also supplied in the Documentation folder of the CD-ROM). While these aren't quite as convenient, you still have access to all of the same information.

  • The default data file location of C:\Program Files\Campground Master will not work because programs cannot write into that folder even for administrators. Your Campground Master database needs to be moved to the "Public" or "Public Documents" folder in order to work. This requires several steps in Campground Master:
    1. Use File / Save As to save the database to the Public folder (be sure to keep the same name).
    2. Use File / Open to open the file you just saved, and log in as an administrator
    3. Go to Maintenance / Program Options / Database, and click the "Change the auto-open database..." button.
    4. If you're using maps, the BMP files for them must also be moved. If you don't know how to do this using Windows Explorer, then the easiest way is to go into Map Setup, Edit the map (you will get an error that it can't be found), click "Browse", and locate the original map file in the database's previous location. Open that map and it will ask you if you want to move it to the database folder (click "Yes"). If you're using multiple map images, repeat this for each one.

"Thanks for the program that works on old computers. I wish programmers would tend to go toward the simple like you did with their programs."
- D. Welch
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