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Campground Master's Point of Sale module

Point of Sale, or "P.O.S.", is an optional module available for Campground Master.

Not to be confused with credit card processing, the P.O.S. module is primarily for supporting store merchandise sales.

The key features added by the P.O.S. option are:

  • A cash-register-like interface for entering sales
  • Bar-code scanner support
  • Pole display support
  • Inventory database for scanner support, price/descriptions, quantity on hand, etc.
  • Vendor database for tracking vendors, printing labels, etc.
  • Automatic discount pricing based on several factors
  • Inventory tracking and reporting functions (qty on hand, re-order list, old stock)
  • Advanced reporting such as On Hand value and Cost of Goods Sold
  • Inventory reporting/filtering of Transactions
  • Inventory import from CSV or tab-delimited text files
  • Vendor purchase order printing, receiving, and reporting

P.O.S. Overview

The goals of the P.O.S. functionality are two-fold -- to take the place of a cash register (with bar-code scanning capabilities), and to provide inventory tracking functions.

It's recommended for use in a store or registration office check-out counter where the rate of sales is too great to enter each item's price and description manually. However it can greatly add convenience and reduce errors even if only a dozen or so items are sold on a regular basis. It can also save space by replacing a separate cash register. Integrating credit card processing also replaces a separate terminal and printer.

The "cash register" icon on the toolbar (or the F4 key) will open the P.O.S. dialog for making sales. This is like a cash register with added inventory item scanning support and other features to allow rapid sales.

The P.O.S. functions are separate from the reservation functions in some ways, but they also fully integrate with Campground Master. P.O.S. transactions can be combined for reporting and exporting to QuickBooks, and P.O.S. sales can be added to a customer or reservation receipt as needed.

P.O.S. transactions are seamlessly included in Transaction reports, with additional filtering and grouping options available for detailed inventory sales reporting. Additional inventory reports make tracking your inventory easy, so you know when to order replacement stock.

Purchase order functions can create and print orders for all low-stock items in a few clicks, allow special item ordering, and automatically update inventory when items are received.

If you would like to know more about the P.O.S. functions, just refer to the Help topics in the software or download the manual. You can also jump right to the P.O.S. chapter of the manual on our web site -- click here.

P.O.S. Hardware Support

The P.O.S. option also adds support for a bar-code scanner and pole display (both optional). Hardware support for a receipt printer, cash drawer, and credit card reader are included in Campground Master even without the P.O.S. option, but those are obviously important for P.O.S. use as well.

For more information and suggested equipment, refer to the Hardware Selection page.

Credit Card Support

Processing credit cards through the software adds convenience and assures that credit card payments can't be recorded without the credit card charge being approved. It also eliminates the need for a separate credit card terminal and printer, eliminates separate credit card receipts, reduces errors (no double-keying amounts into 2 separate machines) and provides a one-to-one audit trail (no need to compare two separate reports).

For more information, refer to the Credit Card Processing page.

Purchasing the P.O.S. Module

You can purchase the P.O.S. option with your initial Campground Master license or add it later. The cost is only $300, and of course that includes support and upgrades for one year. It can be used on any or all of the workstations you're licensed for, without additional cost.

Please contact us if you have any questions about it.

"I love this program by the way!!! It has been well worth the investment and nice to have a quality product and reliable company AND at an Affordable Price, too!!!
- L. Koscinski,
Riverbend Campground
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